Samsung Swung and Missed: Apple on Deck [Huffington Post]


Samsung stumbled last week in a sexist Broadway style product introduction that revealed the mobile king’s limitations.

While reviewers listed the gee-whiz features of the latest Galaxy phone, the Associated Press summed up many by concluding, “the phone has a grab bag of features that don’t come together as a pleasing whole.” Slate was more direct: “Samsung Unveils New Phone Packed With Inane Features You’ll Never Use.”

How quickly the international technology tides shift. Samsung’s long hyped mobile phone juggernaut, driven by solid technology, low prices, Apple mimicry, Google’s generosity, and a bloated advertising campaign suddenly looks vulnerable.

By Jonathan Littman, founder of Snowball Narrative, co-author of the Ten Faces of Innovation, and Professor of Innovation, Leadership and Teambuilding at Hult International Business School. Republished from the Huffington Post, read the article in full here.


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