India Ride: Pre-Ride Teaser [VIDEO]



It’s an exciting moment. While India has a strong and proud tradition of adventure driving and long distance motorcycle riding, no one (to our knowledge) has attempted such a journey and filmed their entire experience in HD before. In that sense are we excited to be breaking new ground, and yet the challenges ahead of us can not be underestimated. India has some of the most challenging roads in the world and we’ll be spending 60 days on them as we push ourselves to our mental and physical limits, in an effort to explore and better understand India.

We will not prepare too much video content on the road, but we’ve just released a brief trailer/teaser for our upcoming India Ride. Please take a look, and share with anyone who may have an interest in our exciting expedition and television production.

Colin and Ryan are both from Toronto, Canada, but before their adventures in Asia, they followed very different paths. While Ryan was in China concentrating on his work as a photographer, Colin was back home building up a successful currency trading company. He later became CEO of Mandarin House, an international language school with operations in China and Europe, and began studying for an MBA at Hult International Business School. To read more about their journey, click here.


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